{Fixed} 9Anime Subtitles (CC) Not Working or Not Showing Up

Are you having problems with the subtitles (CC) on 9Anime not working or not appearing?

This detailed guide contains methods that can be used to fix difficulties with the subtitles on 9Anime.

Discover helpful hints and insights from industry professionals to fix the problem and improve the quality of your streaming experience.

Are you a devoted fan of anime who finds the abrupt absence or malfunctioning of subtitles on 9Anime to be extremely frustrating?

You are not by yourself. This can be a discouraging experience; however, you need not be concerned because the purpose of this post is to offer you with a comprehensive method to resolving the problem of 9Anime subtitles (CC) not working or not appearing.

Since we are aware of how important subtitles are for appreciating anime, let’s investigate the various methods that may be used to guarantee uninterrupted streaming.

9Anime Subtitles (CC) Anime Subtitles Neither Working

Non-native speakers are provided a lifeline in the form of subtitles, which enables them to fully submerge themselves in the enthralling world of anime.

If you’ve ever found yourself in the aggravating position of having to deal with the subtitles on 9Anime not working or not showing, the following are some helpful solutions:

Examine Your Connection to the Internet:

A consistent internet connection is very necessary for uninterrupted streaming. It’s possible that your internet connection is at blame for the erratic behaviour of your subtitles. It is imperative that you have a stable and dependable internet connection in order to avoid interruptions in the display of the subtitles.

Delete all cached and saved cookies in the browser.

The functioning of a website, including the display of subtitles, can become impaired over time due to the accumulation of cache and cookies. Delete the history and cookies stored in your browser, then try restarting it. This one easy action can frequently fix a wide variety of streaming-related problems.

Bring Your Browser Up to Date.

Streaming content websites may not work properly if you use an outdated web browser, which can cause compatibility issues. It is recommended that you use the most recent version of your browser in order to achieve the best possible performance and functioning of the subtitles.

Turn off any ad blocking software.

Ad blockers are fantastic for lowering the number of advertising that are too invasive, but they have the potential to occasionally interfere with the websites’ ability to work properly, including the subtitles. Try temporarily disabling your ad blocker for 9Anime to see if this resolves the issue with the subtitles not working.

Stop using the VPN and any proxy services.

There is a possibility that Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and proxy services will degrade the quality of the connection, which will result in subtitle issues. You can try turning these services off and seeing if the subtitles start working again.

Try Switching to a Different Web Browser.

There are times when problems with the subtitles are caused by the browser itself. Try the problem out using a different web browser to see if it still occurs. Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge are examples of well-known alternatives.

Modify the Settings for the Subtitles.

There are frequently subtitle settings available within the 9Anime player that enable you to personalise the way in which they appear. Experiment with these different settings to see what works best for you and make sure they are configured appropriately.

Turn off the acceleration of the hardware.

If you enable hardware acceleration in your browser, you can run into compatibility issues with certain features of websites you visit. Turn off hardware acceleration in the settings of your browser and check to see if the subtitles appear after you do so.

Purge the DNS cache

Your network settings can be refreshed along with potential resolutions to subtitle problems when you clear your DNS cache. To clear the cache, use the command prompt (on Windows) or the terminal (on a Mac), and then enter in the relevant command.

Turn off add-ons for your browser.

Browser add-ons can occasionally cause scripts on websites to malfunction, which will result in the subtitles not displaying properly. Turn off any add-ons or extensions that could be causing the problem, and check to see if the subtitles come back.

Turn off the firewall as well as any security software.

A firewall or security programme that is configured too strictly may prevent certain aspects of websites from loading, including subtitles. Disable these programmes for the time being, then check to see whether the problem still persists.


Why have the subtitles for my 9Anime videos all of a sudden stopped working?

It’s possible that your subtitles stopped working for a number of different reasons, such as a problem with your internet connection, an issue with your browser, or a conflict with an extension for your browser. You may be able to determine and fix the problem by following the methods provided in this manual that are designated for troubleshooting.

Yesterday, the subtitles were functioning without any issues. Why haven’t we seen them up to this point?

Temporary bugs or modifications in the scripts that run the website could be to blame for any abrupt shifts in the operation of the subtitles. In order to restore subtitle visibility, you will need to delete the cache and cookies stored in your browser, bring your browser up to date, then try the other methods outlined in this article.

I am utilising a virtual private network (VPN). Is it possible that this is what caused the problem with the subtitle?

It’s true that virtual private networks (VPNs) can sometimes prevent subtitles from displaying properly by disrupting your network connection. Turn off your virtual private network (VPN) and see if the subtitles start working after that. If they do, you might think about switching to a different VPN or modifying the settings of the one you are using.

How do I change the settings for the subtitles on 9Anime?

In most cases, the player on 9Anime will provide choices for adjusting the settings of the subtitles. Locate an icon labelled settings anywhere inside the player’s user interface, and then investigate the many possibilities for personalising the subtitles.

Is it risky to turn off the firewall and any other security software in order to fix the subtitle problems?

It may be possible to determine whether a firewall or other security software is the source of the issue by temporarily disabling it. In order to keep the security of your device intact, you must, however, re-enable them after you have troubleshooted it.

I tried all of the suggested options, but none of them helped. What action should I take?

In the event that none of the alternatives detailed in this tutorial are successful, you should get in touch with 9Anime’s customer care or the community forums as soon as possible. It’s possible that they have some specific recommendations or updates regarding the subtitle problem.

Concluding remarks:

You shouldn’t let problems with the subtitles mar your time spent streaming anime.

You will be able to solve the problem of the 9Anime subtitles (CC) not working or not appearing if you follow the instructions and recommendations that are provided in this guide.

Keep in mind that finding a solution to a problem could need some trial and error, but the end result will be well worth it if you are able to watch anime without any interruptions and without losing interest in it.

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