{6 Easy Steps} Cancel Pure Barre Membership – Get Your Refund Today!

Are you looking to cancel your Pure Barre membership? Whether it’s due to changing fitness goals, moving locations, or other reasons, canceling your membership should be a straightforward process.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to cancel your Pure Barre membership, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

How To Cancel Pure Barre Membership Effectively?


Canceling your Pure Barre membership doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Follow these simple steps to successfully cancel your membership and get on with your fitness journey:

Step 1: Review Membership Terms

Before initiating the cancellation process, review your membership terms and contract. Take note of any specific cancellation policies, notice periods, or fees associated with early termination. This information will help you understand the requirements and potential costs of canceling your membership.

Step 2: Contact Customer Support

Reach out to Pure Barre’s customer support through their official website or contact number. Inform them of your intention to cancel your membership and provide any necessary information, such as your membership details and reason for cancellation. The customer support team will guide you through the process and may offer alternatives based on your situation.

Step 3: Complete Cancellation Form

Pure Barre may require you to fill out a cancellation form. This form could be available on their website or provided by the customer support representative. Ensure that you provide accurate information to avoid any delays in processing your cancellation request.

Step 4: Return Membership Materials

If you received any membership materials or equipment, such as a membership card or access key, follow the instructions provided by Pure Barre to return these items. This step ensures a smooth closure of your membership account.

Step 5: Check for Refunds

If you’ve paid for future months or have a remaining balance on your membership, inquire about the possibility of a refund. Some memberships might have a refund policy for unused portions. Clarify this with customer support to ensure you’re aware of any potential refunds.

Step 6: Confirmation and Documentation

After completing the cancellation process, ask for confirmation of your membership cancellation in writing. This documentation can serve as proof in case of any discrepancies in the future. Keep a copy of this confirmation for your records.

Tips for a Seamless Cancellation Experience

  • Plan Ahead: Review your membership terms well in advance to understand the cancellation procedure and any notice periods required.
  • Be Polite and Clear: When communicating with customer support, be polite and clear about your intention to cancel. This can lead to a smoother experience.
  • Ask Questions: If you have any doubts about the cancellation process or policies, don’t hesitate to ask customer support for clarification.
  • Return Materials Promptly: If required, return any membership materials as soon as possible to avoid additional charges.
  • Check Your Bank Statements: After cancellation, monitor your bank statements to ensure that no further charges are incurred.

FAQs About Canceling Pure Barre Membership

Q: Can I cancel my Pure Barre membership online?

A: Yes, you can initiate the cancellation process online through Pure Barre’s official website. However, it’s recommended to follow up with customer support to ensure your request is processed.

Q: Will I be charged a cancellation fee?

A: Some Pure Barre memberships might have cancellation fees, especially if you’re canceling before the contract term ends. Review your membership terms or contact customer support to learn more.

Q: Can I get a refund for unused months?

A: Depending on the membership type and terms, you might be eligible for a partial refund for unused months. It’s advisable to inquire about refund policies during the cancellation process.

Q: Is there a specific time frame for canceling?

A: Pure Barre may have a notice period for cancellation. Review your membership agreement or contact customer support to determine the required time frame.

Q: What if I want to rejoin in the future?

A: If you decide to rejoin Pure Barre in the future, you’ll likely need to sign up for a new membership. Cancellation of your previous membership shouldn’t affect your ability to rejoin.

Q: Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

A: Membership transfers may be allowed depending on Pure Barre’s policies. Contact customer support to inquire about transferring your membership to another individual.


Canceling your Pure Barre membership is a straightforward process when you’re armed with the right information.

By following the steps outlined in this guide and staying informed about the terms and policies, you can ensure a seamless cancellation experience.

Remember to be proactive, polite, and well-informed throughout the process for the best outcome.

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