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Shalimar satta king game results live now: Today we are going to share the latest shalimar game and upgameking results with the old and new records chart of 2018-2019 altogether.

We are consistently updating the hot satta king results every hour to deliver you the latest satta king super fast game results of shalimar savera and up game king results here.

You may notice that some of the satta king sites are providing the misleading satta game results instead of accurate results. But in our website we always try our best to help you with latest and updated shalimar and up game king results of 2019!

Latest Upgameking Results – Hot satta king Nagpur Online Results

People who does not know a lot about Shalimar Game they must know a bit about this game before moving towards. So, basically shalimar game most often held and played in Ghaziabad city which is the very well known state of India!



LINK Respon
Upgameking results-Shalimar game-nagpur satta king


LINK Respon
Shalimar Savera 2:30 PM

OLD= (40)    NEW [ 49 ]

OLD= (40)    NEW= [ 49 ]

OLD= (40)    NEW [ 49 ]
Gali 11.15 PM

OLD= (40)    NEW= [ 49 ]
(05:00 AM)
{ 69 } satta zone [ 50 
satta zone
(03:00 PM)
{ 45 } satta zone [ 98 
satta zone
DISP -336*280
(06:00 PM)
{ 08 } satta zone [ 60 
satta zone
(04:00 PM)
{ 25 } satta zone [ 30 
satta zone
DISPL 336*280



(11:00 PM)
{ 85 } satta zone [ xx 
satta zone
(11:30 AM)
{ 18 } satta zone [ 10 
satta zone
Respons Link


(06:00 PM)
{ 08 } satta zone [ 60 
satta zone
(04:00 PM)
{ 25 } satta zone [ 30 
satta zone
DISPL 336*280

Shalimar Game RECORDS CHART 2019 Savera| Gali| Ghaziabad

For your easy understanding we have included a great list of shalimar game records chart so that you can guess the game and make your way easier to win the game. We always make sure to update the latest and super fast shalimar game 2019 results more frequently in this site.

Here is the shalimar game Records Chart from 2013-2019

  • Advantages of Shalimar game Chart:

You might be asking: Why do we provide the chart here? You know what? Because Chart is really very helpful while playing this game. Records chart helps to predict the results of your game which might help you to win the game near in the future. You can guess the results or may take an expert’s suggestion or you may take participate in various satta king guessing forum sites.

  • Does Shalimar game considered as like as satta?

Shalimar game is not considered as like as satta, it has his own Basically, this game has his own rules and follow different rules and has his own unique approaches. But it seems both of the game has the equal principle.

The most popular satta game usually take place in delhi city of india but the shalimar game always take place in ghaziabad of india. So as you can see those both games have no proper relation between themselves.

  • SHALIMAR KING GAME History at a glance:

We know that you might be thinking that who the hell started this game? Right? Basically, this game has not clear history of it’s own who started it and when it was started. But it can be said that the people of ghaziabad tends to play this shalimar game very often.

  • Shalimar Satta game playing time:

The timing of this game is divided into three different span of times. Above all the first game which is shalimar savera, is played on 1:00 pm.

For your better understanding we have included a time table chart of shalimar game as follows:

  • Shalimar Savera Game: Starts: 1 PM
  • GHAZIABAD Game Starts: 2pm
  • GALI Game Starts: 3pm
  • Desawar Game Starts: 4pm
Shalimar Savera game Results

Savera game is one of the top rated games among all of the satta king games of shalimar game. Saverian people loves to play this game mostly. This game is so much popular in savera. Today’s shalimar savera game results is: 83

Shalimar Desawar game Records + Results

Desawar City is known by it’s own recolonization. Desawar game is one of the top rated games of the 2019 year. Desawar people have highly interest on this game. Today’s shalimar Desawar game Results is : 93

Shalimar Ghaziabad game Chart

Shalimar Ghaziabad game is taking place on the top most list of the shalimar game world. Mainly shalimar game is highly played on the Ghaziabad and it’s growing massively day by day. Today’s ghaziabad satta king results is: 73

Shalimar Gali satta game Results 2019

Yes! Though Gali seems small city but it is well known by most foreign tourist. This place is one of the most visited tourist attraction among others cities of india. Satta game which played in Gali is increasing heavily. Today’s satta king Gali Result is : 73

Shalimar Satta king Game Records Chart 2019
Shiv shakti Game king Results Online
Up game king Results chart 2018 – Hot Satta
satta king upgameking results live online 2019

This upgameking is also one of the most played games among all of the popular satta games. Up game king names itself that this game is mostly played in UP also known as UTTAR Pradesh which is one of the largest states of INDIA.

In UP there are lot’s of hot satta king games are played as like as shalimar game, ghaziabad, delhi, gali, savera, up game, nagpur satta game and some more popular satta king games.

Today’s SHALIMAR Game Live Results NOW

Get the latest shalimar game live results here: In comparison of yeasterday todays results seems great. Here is the today’s shalimar game result : 43

NAGPUR Satta king Online Results 2019

Nagpur city considered tiny city but it is really a cool city. People of nagpur prefers to play satta game online as usual. Today’s satta king Nagpur Result is : 63

Shalimar game ka Leak Number

It is almost false that shalimar game has the leak number. People always say that they will find the leak number. But it is not true. You have to guess the number. And guessing depends on your brain power. It can be right or maybe wrong. That’s why it is impossible to provide the accurate guessing number.

Satta king Up game king Online Results

People who claims that they will provide you with guessing number i have a questing against them. Why don’t you guess the number and win the game, instead of selling the guessing or number by the names of saying leak number. So i will tell you guys that do not but any leak number. It is a kind of foolishness activity. You would better use your own brain and make right usages of the power of your self brain while guessing and then decide what could be the actual satta king lucky number or your winning numbers. All the best of you.







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