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22 September 2023 Update: Udaariyaan


21 September 2023 Update: Udaariyaan

Armaan begins the episode by yelling at Aasma, which sets the tone for the rest of the show.

He insists that she provide an explanation for her behavior toward Raja. Aasma maintains that she is blameless and has done nothing wrong while asserting her innocence.

Biji asks about Aasma’s behavior after the arrival of the rest of Aasma’s family.

Baby accuses Aasma of trying to hurt Raja and suggests that Aasma was purposefully sent to their house in order to create further suffering.

Baby also suggests that Aasma tried to hurt Baby. Armaan tells Aasma to be silent and shows his deep concern for his brother.

He emphasizes that Raja is his life, and he will go to great lengths to defend him. Armaan says that Raja is his life, and he will go to great measures to protect him.

Biji is attempting to defend Aasma’s character when a nurse interrupts her and asks who would sign the consent form for the procedure.

Armaan is taken aback when Aasma says that Raja is sick with food illness because of what he ate. Aasma is reprimanded by Baby.

They are strongly encouraged by the nurse to sign the paperwork as soon as possible. Aasma is pushed away by Armaan, who then gives the others instructions to remove her from the area.

Aasma suffers an injury as a result of the process. Armaan continued to insist that Aasma leave even after receiving criticism from Ashok regarding his behavior.

Rano raises concerns about Armaan’s behavior, but he wants her to keep her mouth shut.

Rano is given the advice by Sukhi to concentrate on her own boy rather than on the enemy’s daughter.

Armaan reprimands Aasma and instructs her to leave the room despite the fact that she begs him to listen to what she has to say. Aasma is taken away by Ashok.

Alia outlines her strategy to frame Aasma by creating the appearance that the meal is questionable so that they will blame Aasma for the incident.

They were informed by the nurse that the patient required a blood transfusion, and immediately after hearing this, Armaan offered to give blood in order to save his brother.

Rano is comforted by Sukhi, while Ashok voices his displeasure with Armaan’s actions and states that he was unprepared for the manner in which Armaan had behaved against Rano.

Aasma comes to Armaan’s defense and insists that he is not a horrible person and that he has a profound love for Raja.

She doesn’t want there to be any complaints, so she recommends that they all pray for Raja.

Biji agrees with her, and so they start praying for Raja. Armaan decides to give Raja some of his blood, and when the doctor arrives, he has some shocking news to share.

Armaan bolts from the room, leaving everyone else speechless in his wake.

Armaan rides up on a motorcycle, and Preeto proposes that they make a phone call to find out how Raja is doing as soon as they can. The refusal comes from Ashok, who is still upset with Armaan.

Armaan walks over to Aasma, hands her a stick, and apologizes for the way he had been behaving earlier before he approached her.

He owes Aasma a debt of gratitude for her quick thinking that allowed her to save Raja’s life, and he assures her that he would be there for her whenever she finds herself in difficulty.

Aasma has an equal level of comprehension and forgiveness. Baby interrupts with allegations, but Armaan defends Aasma by stating that she is sincere and trustworthy.

Baby continues her line of questioning. Armaan gets reprimanded by Baby, which causes him to lose his cool.

Aasma steps in to help, while Alia keeps an eye on the developing crisis. Aasma recommends that they put the incident in the past because she was the one who prepared the food in the public kitchen.

Sukhi bestows his blessings upon Aasma, grants her forgiveness, and presents her with a shagun as a mark of his appreciation for her role in preventing the death of his son.

Dadi proposes that they proceed with the ritual and asks Tannu for some of the kheer that was already prepared.

Sukhi consumes the kheer and gives it high praise, remarking that it has the same flavor as Armaan’s mother’s kheer.

Armaan makes the decision to return to the hospital to be with Raja once he has finished giving Aasma a shagun.

Alia shocks Armaan by giving him a hug and letting him know that she is worried about Raja while they are both at the hospital.

Armaan relays the information that Raja is doing well at this time and that the doctor has confirmed that there was no food poisoning.

He acknowledges that she is a fine person and admits that he had a misunderstanding about Aasma. Alia takes cover as Aasma walks inside the room without noticing her presence.

Armaan and Aasma engage in conversation, during which Aasma extends an offer of food to Armaan.

Armaan ultimately gives in and consumes the food, despite his initial resistance to doing so.

As Aasma tends to her wound, Armaan demonstrates his loving nature by offering her a bandage to cover it.

Aasma is moved by his gesture, but Armaan is torn since he sees her more as a means to an end than as his ultimate destination.

Precap: In the following episode, Armaan and Aasma are given tickets for a vacation in Kashmir; however, Armaan responds angrily and refuses to go on the trip.

Udaariyaan 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Raja falls sick

In short:

In this episode of “Udaariyaan,” Aasma starts cooking on a traditional stove, but Armaan playfully breaks it. Despite the setback, Aasma is determined to continue.

Armaan surprises her with a new stove, and they cook together, sharing a special moment. However, a mishap occurs, and Armaan sustains a minor injury.

As they bond over cooking, Alia becomes suspicious of Aasma’s abilities. During a family gathering, Raja falls seriously ill after eating the food, leading to accusations against Aasma.

Armaan rushes him to the hospital, and tensions rise as suspicions grow. The episode ends with Armaan pushing Aasma, causing her to fall and hurt her hand, setting the stage for upcoming drama.

Full STORY: Udaariyaan Written Update

Aasma begins the episode by making cow dung patties for a traditional stove. She deftly lights the fuse, laying the groundwork for what’s to come. As Armaan enters, Aasma proudly announces that she is cooking her very first supper (rasoi).

However, things take an unexpected turn when Armaan damages the stoves on purpose for fun. Alia shows there and sees all of this occur. When Aasma asks Armaan what’s going on, he acts prankster-like and splashes everyone with water.

Aasma is taken aback by Baby’s demand that she prepare dinner for the family. Armaan’s joking and laughter only make the situation worse, so Aasma orders him to stop.

Alia watches the two of them joking around and smiles as Armaan walks away. Baby realizes Aasma is in a bind and decides not to cook for her. Even when Armaan breaks her stove, Aasma is unfazed.

Armaan surprises her by coming back with a brand new stove to show how willing he is to help. As Raja walks in, Armaan and Aasma start joking about. Baby prepares the table, and Neetu finds out that her daughter’s unexpected joy is because Baby has given Aasma a challenging menu to prepare.

Baby’s initiative is something her father instilled in her, according to Rano. Armaan, ever the problem solver, makes the observation that this skill is also one of his. To which Aasma quips, “Tolerating him is another skill.”

Armaan, wary of his privacy, gives Raja strict orders not to talk. Armaan shows Aasma his dedication by giving her the stove he built from scratch, promising to clean it and implying that he does help out around the house.

Aasma, moved by his efforts, asks if he did it for her; Armaan replies, with a hint of amusement, that he did it for his own stomach. But he reassures her that the stove is ready, and the two of them finish making the rasam.

Accidentally slicing Armaan’s finger while they cook. They share a touching moment as Aasma puts haldi (turmeric) to his hand. Aasma talks about how she loves her big family and how she wants to make sure everyone is happy when they cook.

Armaan compliments her cooking talents and acknowledges that the food is excellent, further highlighting her prowess in the kitchen. Aasma expresses appreciation for his help and says he thinks they would form a fantastic combination. Armaan, however, avoids any sort of physical touch, suggesting that he has hidden agendas.

Aasma, understanding his need for privacy, thanks him for his understanding and acknowledges his implied motives. Alia, who is currently eating ice cream and talking to Aasma about a missing jhumka.

Aasma reassures Alia that everything is alright despite the disruption and tells her about Armaan’s help in creating an electronic stove. While thanking Aasma, Alia manages to stifle her fury. Alia is intrigued and decides to go to Aasma’s place to see what’s going on.

Aasma, undistracted, whips up a delicious meal. Alia thinks silently about how Aasma managed to get the dinner ready. Aasma is in charge of serving dinner to the family later on. Armaan’s family is going to have a shagun ceremony to celebrate a milestone.

Neetu, the matriarch of the family, calls for everyone to come eat as Aasma sets the table. One of the family’s more seasoned members, Dadi, brings up the topic of medication. Armaan offers to go get it, so he leaves the room.

Baby examines the meal more closely since she is impressed by Aasma’s cooking talents but is worried about its quality. When her suspicions are confirmed, she calls Armaan to tell him of Raja’s worsening condition.

Armaan leaves his worried family in astonishment as he heads to the hospital. Baby, still wary, implies that Aasma is the daughter of the adversary and is out to get revenge on Raja.

Raja’s family takes him to the hospital, where doctors confirm the severity of his illness but promise a full recovery. Rano begs Aasma to heal Raja despite Baby’s accusations.

Aasma is held responsible for Raja’s illness as tensions rise. Armaan, disturbed by Raja’s condition, rushes to the hospital to investigate the cause. The destiny of Raja is left in the balance as the episode concludes.

As Armaan’s rage grows, a tense scenario develops at the hospital. He causes Aasma to trip and hurt her hand by pushing her.

Udaariyaan 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Alia follows Aasma

In this episode, Baby injures herself while holding a cactus plant. Armaan and Aasma playfully argue, but Baby suspects something is amiss.

Aasma is tasked with buying a new dress and cooking a traditional dish. Alia becomes suspicious and follows them to the market. A heated argument ensues between Alia and Armaan.

At home, Aasma begins cooking, and Baby taunts her. Meanwhile, Alia plans to interfere further in their relationship.

Precap: Armaan intends to teach Aasma how to cook, leading to a potential clash between them during a ritual involving wet dung.

Full STORY: Udaariyaan Written Update

Holding a cactus plant, Baby unintentionally falls and hurts herself at the start of the episode. After Aasma calls Armaan a monkey in jest, Armaan responds by calling her a foreign cat, sparking a lighthearted argument between the two.

When Armaan finally leaves, Aasma becomes concerned after noticing her dress is ruined. Baby also exits, suspicious of their frequent disputes.

Rano enters in the interim and tells Aasma to hurry up and get ready. Worried about her one and only yellow outfit, Aasma shares her concerns. Raja is carried by Armaan when he comes, and the two of them sing a happy song.

At first, Armaan declines Rano’s suggestion that he take Aasma to the market to get a new yellow outfit. While Aasma offers to travel alone, Sukhi is adamant that Armaan go with her. He accepts and tells Rano to get his clothing ready.

Returning to Alia’s residence, she is irate when Armaan doesn’t pick up her calls. As Armaan and Aasma quarrel some more, Aasma explains that they had to go shopping because Rano asked them to because her suit got ruined.

After Aasma departs, Rano convinces Armaan to follow her. When Alia tries to call Aasma in the meantime, Armaan answers and tells her that Aasma is at home. Alia goes to the market suspicious.

When Aasma and Armaan get to the market, they start arguing again. Armaan accepts Aasma’s suggestion to pick out a new dress, and the two go shopping and try on different ensembles.

But Alia steps in and offers to choose the dress instead. Alia’s presence worries Armaan because he thinks she might tell Aasma something.

Some children nearby record Alia greeting Armaan and holding his hand for a short while. When Alia sees them, she starts to feel uneasy and unintentionally spills water on their phone.

After a while, Aasma selects a dress, and Armaan and Alia have another private quarrel.

When Armaan and Aasma reach home, Rano gives them the order to do the aarti jointly. The next ceremony, though, is decided by Baby, who demands that Aasma cook on a conventional stove.

Sukhi backs Baby’s choice, and Rano gives Aasma an explanation of the assignment. Baby uses the occasion to tease Aasma, but Aasma consents to make Baby’s requested meal, Uple.

Baby watches as Aasma starts her cooking job, smiling mischievously. Rano is even told by Baby not to assist Aasma. Raja plays chess with Armaan, on the other hand.

Raja is told by Armaan that he is heading to Aasma, who is in charge of cooking today. Alia takes use of this to get things done.

Armaan intends to teach Aasma how to cook in the next episode, breaking things along the way and setting the two up for conflict.

Summary: When Armaan explains that he wants to teach Aasma how to cook and might even ruin things, Aasma chastises him, doubting his sanity and his capacity to prepare food using wet dung for the ceremony.

Udaariyaan 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Baby plots against Aasma

In short:

In this episode, Alia becomes upset when she sees Armaan helping Aasma with an anklet. Deepak, Aasma’s brother, bids her farewell as he prepares to leave for Canada.

Aasma realizes she misunderstood Armaan’s intentions. Later, Armaan and Aasma have a clash over sleeping arrangements. Rano and Baby overhear their argument and become suspicious.

Aasma prepares for her first rasoi rasam, and Baby secretly plots to sabotage Aasma’s yellow dress. Armaan and Aasma slip and fall while arguing.

Precap: Armaan is urged to go shopping with Aasma for something yellow, but he initially declines. However, his father insists that he accompany Aasma.

Full STORY: Udaariyaan Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Alia sees Armaan assisting Aasma in putting on an anklet, which infuriates her, and she starts crying as a result of her anger.

While Deepak, who is overcome with emotion, walks away from the conversation and weeps, Aasma tries to find solace in Biji.

As Deepak prepares to leave for Canada the following day, he expresses his regret at not being able to spend more time with Aasma and encourages her to look out for her new family.

He owes Armaan a debt of gratitude for the assistance he provided as well as for rescuing them from Armaan’s father. Aasma now understands that her interpretation of Armaan’s motivations was incorrect.

Armaan goes to Deepak for his blessings, and Deepak gives him a hug before handing Aasma’s hand to Armaan and asks him to look after her. Armaan agrees to do so.

Rano gives Deepak his word that they will treat Aasma with the utmost respect now that she is their daughter-in-law. Armaan, on the other hand, becomes aware of Alia’s presence and retreats.

When Alia finally got home, she was in a state of extreme distress, and the mere thought of Aasma’s presence prompted her to start tossing things.

After some time has passed, Armaan expresses his gratitude to Aasma for rearranging the bedding on his bed, and the two of them proceed to discuss his sleeping arrangements.

Armaan declines Aasma’s offer of an additional pillow and instead opts to sleep on the sofa, citing the fact that he requires some time for himself. His choice is one that Aasma will respect.

Armaan, however, has a difficult time falling asleep on the sofa and eventually makes his way to the bed. He accidentally pulled Aasma closer to him in his sleep and hugged her, which caused her to question his motivations.

Armaan wakes up just as Aasma is making an effort to put some distance between them, and the two of them have a brief dispute.

Rano and Baby enter the room after overhearing their disagreement and being concerned that the two of them are fighting. Both Aasma and Armaan offer justifications for the current predicament.

The sofa seemed to have captured Baby’s interest. Aasma is given instructions by Rano to prepare for her first rasoi rasam, which is a traditional culinary rite, and is then asked to go to Rano’s chamber.

Aasma complies, and Baby smiles with understanding as she watches her. During this time, Aasma is assisting Rano in the kitchen, and the two of them are talking about the forthcoming rasam.

Neetu makes the suggestion to Aasma that she should pack Armaan’s lunch; however, Aasma responds by saying that Armaan does not go to work.

A playful remark is made by Baby, and Rano suggests that Aasma go to her room to get some privacy. Armaan asks for some space to himself once Aasma has left.

Aasma vents her aggravation regarding Armaan’s actions by going outside and yelling at him. On the terrace, Rano tells her to double-check that she is wearing her yellow dress.

Baby concocts a scheme and pours oil on the terrace in an effort to smear Aasma’s frock in the hopes of embarrassing her. Armaan awakens, angry by Aasma’s behavior, and proceeds to face her in the open air. They both end up falling as a result of the process.

As a quick refresher: Mummy advises Armaan to go Aasma shopping and to purchase something yellow for her. Armaan does not want to accompany Aasma, but his father is adamant that he does so.

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