[LATEST 2024] Download Winzo Gold Mod APK

Winzo gold apk download: WinZO is one of the India’s Largest Gaming Applications. This awesome winzo game is owned by Tictok Skill Games Private Limited.

It is a fantasy type game where the gamer can get access to over 70+ different games on the winzo app. Back in the earlier days Winzo was mostly renowned by the name of WinZO Gold & WinZO games.

Most interesting part of winzo apk is that, users can earn money while playing the winzo gold games online. Winzo states that they give the people a chance to play and win lots of money on regular basis. That’s why lots of people especially from INDIA, desperately search for the winzo gold apk frequently.

So, today we will provide the guide line on how to download winzo gold apk latest version and start making money money from this nice app. From downloading the application to earning and withdrawing money from winzo gold app, everything you need to know about this awesome application.

Every person who has ever played a game before would love to win. Whether it is in the form of points or trophies, winning makes you feel good about yourself and your hard work.

Winzo Gold app can help you achieve this goal! This app helps players earn more gold so they will be able to purchase new characters and power-ups for their games.

These gold coins can also be used as a virtual currency for online games such as Clash Royale.
Downloading this application on your Android device is easy and simple, just go to Google Play Store or any other android market place of your choice and search for ‘Winzo Gold’.

After that click on install then open the application from notification bar once it downloads completely. Get ready

Today we will be discussing about the famous winzo gold apk and how it can help you to improve your game play. There are a lot of games that offer in-app purchases but they usually cost money, not winzo!

Winzo gold is an app which lets you get free coins and gems on the mod version on your favorite games so you have more options when playing them! It’s currently available for download from the Google Play Store so go check it out today!

Download the latest version of winzo gold app in 2024


Before downloading any kind of apk from internet you should make sure to check it and download the latest version always. We are also providing the winzo gold mod apk version where you can get unlimited access and facilities to have fun playing games inside the winzo gold app.

Get Free coins on Winzo Gold app:
You can easily get free coins and gems on your games using the application that we will talk about today! In-app purchases are quite common in video games as they offer unique options.

However, some games charge a bit too much for their in-app purchases. Winzo is an app that will change this for you! It gives you free coins and gems to help improve your game play, something that all gamers would love to have more of!

This application is not available on the Google Play Store but if you don’t want to download winzo apk on your smartphone or tablet then there’s no need to worry, you can also install it on your PC or laptop! You can download winzo gold for windows on this site:

Can i download and play winzo gold app on my PC?

That’s right; Winzo is available for Windows users too. Just like Android, they do not need to waste their money while playing games that offer in-app purchases.

All they have to do is download the application and they get free coins and gems on their favorite games! If you want to hear more about this app then read on.

To run the winzo gold app on windows PC, you need to run it through EMULATOR. We have a detailed guide on how to play winzo gold on PC.

As we all know, in-app purchases are available in a lot of mobile games but it usually costs money! However, winzo gold apk download allows users to get these features for free.

It’s really easy to use as well, you just have to download the application and enter your username. The application will automatically detect which game you’re playing and it will give you free coins and gems.

At first download the winzo apk from this LINK

  1. Install the app on your phone or tablet
  2. Open it and enter in your username, password, and email address to log in
  3. Select a level to play by selecting one of three different levels – beginner, intermediate, or expert
  4. Play through each level until you reach the end goal at which point you can collect coins that are worth money for an even higher payout than what you would receive if you just played through all three levels without collecting any coins along the way
  5. Once finished playing with this game, uninstall it from your device so that other people cannot get access to your account information or steal your coins!

How to withdraw your Money from Winzo Gold APP?

You can withdraw your money from winzo gold through 3 payment gateways:

  1. Paytm
  2. UPI Transfer
  3. Bank Transfer

Though there are 3 methods of transactions are available on the winzo gold app. But today we are going to show you an easy way. Yes, it is through the paytm. Just follow the steps below:

1. Click the “Withdraw” button in the “wallet” tab. You can select from the following modes of transaction directly;

2. Now enter your desired amount and click on “Withdraw Now”.

3. YES! Finally your withdraw has been successful from winzo gold!

Cash Addition and Withdraw rules

1. Make sure you have completed the KYC Form in Paytm from the same number which you have used to register with WinZO gold app.

2. You can withdraw only the winning amount. Added or bonus amount cannot be withdrawn.

3. You can not withdraw less than a minimum amount and more than a set maximum amount within 24 hours.

4, You can withdraw only once in 24 hours with a 5% withdrawal fee applicable.

5. For withdrawal via UPI or Bank transfer, the minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 30.

What’s Inside the Winzo Gold App?


First of all, Inside the winzo-baazi section, there are over 25+ games to play. You can choose your liked ones and start playing the game and withdraw money through paytm.

Let’s take a deeper look at the Winzo-Bazi INSIDE:

1. Winzo Rummy

2. Bubble Shooter

3. Snake Rush

4. Cricket

5. Carrom

6. Knife Up

7. Arena Fighters

8. Memory Mania

9. Candy Match

10. Basket Ball

11. Fruit Fighter

12. Metro Surfer

13. Howzat

14. Stupid Birds

15. Mine Runner

16. Space Hunter

17. Block Smasher

18. Alien Attack

19. Guns and Bottles

20. Fly Ballons

21. Space Warrior

22. Penalty Shoot

23. Crazy Quiz

25. Bear Run

How to play games in Winzo Baazi?

1. At first you have to open the Winzo Gold app then head over to the “WINZO BAAZI” Section.

2. Inside the winzoBaazi section you can see there are 25 Games are listed, now select your desired game from the list and follow the 3rd step below.

3. After selecting the games it will start downloading, you just have to wait until the download is not complete.

4. And, finally its complete. Now, you have to choose your own Boot Amount and start playing the game.

Note: New winzo gold users can avail RS 2 contest to play the game. One hack is- Play this free RS.2 contest multiple times (10) so that you could unlock the higher-paid contest sooner.

5. Finally, show your gaming skills and win unlimited Paytm cash.

 WinZO Baazi Rules

  1. A maximum of 3 players are allowed per boot table.
  2. Boot amount and the respective winning amounts are as follows:
  • Free table
  • Rs. 5.2 for Rs. 2
  • Rs. 13.5 for Rs. 5
  • Rs. 27 for Rs. 10
  • Rs. 67 for Rs. 25

3. If you leave the game mid-session or use other apps over Winzo, then your gaming session will be dismissed and the deducted boot amount will not be refunded to your account.

What is winzo gold and how it works?

Winzo gold apk is a best google play store app that provides you free in-app purchases on games. You can get unlimited coins and gems in your favorite games with this application.

winzo apk is available for both Android device users and PC windows users. After installation, when the user launches the app, it will automatically detect which game you are playing and it will give coins & gems. At the above part of this article, we provided a tutorial to download winzo gold apk for PC and windows users too.

How to Add Your friends in Winzo Gold?

Without friends, no game is complete. Do you want to add your friends in the winzo gold app? Most exciting thing is that- you can borrow money from your friends inside the winzo gold app and win unlimited amount of diamonds or money then you can be able to withdraw the earned cash through paytm or UPI.

So, how do you add the friends? Yes, this process is so easy. Just follow this steps and have fun playing winzo game.

1. Open the Winzo Gold App then Go to the “VERSUS” section.

2. Now you have to click on the People icon (On the bottom left side)

3. Now Connect your Whatsapp, Facebook with Your Winzo Gold Account as per your wish.

4. And finally it’s done! Now it’s time to add your friends and play with them.

How to Add cash in Winzo Gold App?

1. Open Winzo Gold app & Go to the wallet.

2. Click on “ADD CASH”.

3. Now enter the amount & click on Add Now.

Note: When you add money first time in Winzo Gold wallet then you will get a 100% bonus.

4. Now add your cash through your suitable Payment method.

You can add cash in Winzo Gold wallet through Paytm, UPI Payment, Net banking and debit or credit card.

Winzo Gold Promo codes & Offers

1. Cash bonus

Inside the winzo gold app, you have the opportunity to earn some cash. Yes, you can get around 50% cash as a bonus whenever you add money in your winzo gold wallet. But, this cash can’t be withdrawn. Well, you have to use it by playing games inside the winzo gold app. Maximum cash bonus is 20 RS.

2. Free Ticket

WHO does not want to get a free ticket? Yes, take a chance to get free ticket while playing fantasy league. Get up to RS.10 cash.

3. Play Quiz Contest in free

Want to play QUIZ? Winzo gold let you play quiz and interestingly you will get 100% discount on quizzes. Maximum number of cashback is RS.25.

4. Rs.500 CASHBACK

If you deposit RS. 500 in your winzo gold account, you can avail 5% cashback.

How To Change Paytm Number In Winzo Gold APP?

Do you know exactly how to change paytm number in winzo gold app? If you are facing issue while changing your PayTM number on winzo platform then this post might be useful for you in this case.

Paytm is one of the most used financial applications in INDIA. A huge number of transactions are done through this platform every single day. While making payment, whether it could be for electricity bill, bank payment or making any payment via online, we need paytm to make the transaction process way much easier and smoother.

Even though anyone could purchase games or online products through paytm. Likewise, winzo users always use paytm inside the winzo gold app, to purchase diamonds and play the games.

If you ever need to change the paytm number inside the winzo gold app, then you may follow this process discussed below:

Steps to changing PAYTM number in Winzo gold APP

How to Delete WinZO Gold Account?

Do you really want to delete your winzo gold account? Are you sure about that? If yes, then keep following.

While deleting the account is not very difficult, but before canceling the winzo gold account make sure to keep the backup of your account, like if you have any personal details on this account, or do you have any cash or rewards on the account? If yes, then make proper uses of these and move forward.

So the question is: How to cancel winzo gold Account?

  1. Tap on the menu arrow on the top right corner of your Facebook screen.
  2. Scroll to “Account Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click “Games” on the left side of the screen.
  4. Now, click on the “X” to the right of the Winzo Gold game to remove it from your Facebook account.

How can one get free coins/gems in games by using winzo gold?

Winzo gold allows the users to get free coins & gems in their games. When you open winzo, it detects the game you are playing and provide coins & gems to your account. With more coins/gems, you can buy upgrades in-game or unlock special levels of the game.

How is winzo different from other apps available on playstore?

winzo differs from other apps. Mostly games provide coins and gems for free to their users who play the game frequently and share it on social media. But we cannot guarantee that we will receive coins and gems every time we play a game, or we need to wait long hours, or take many complicated steps before receiving any coin/gem from the game. This is not the case with winzo.

The winzo app is faster and easier to use. You just have to open the app, select a game you want to play and start playing! Also, you don’t need to log in every time you open this app.

Where can I download winzo gold for my device?

If you want to use the app on your phone or tablet, you can get it from Google Play Store. Just type in “winzo gold” in a search engine and click the first link. You’ll see two names of applications, one is WinZo Gold (looks like a PC windows icon) and the other looks like a phone icon. Click on that last one to download it from Google Play Store.

How do I use winzo gold on my device?

Download winzo app from play store onto your device, remember which game you’re going to use this with. Then open the app and select the game and click play. You may need to allow permissions for winzo to access your device in-game so it can give you coins and gems.

Is there a tutorial available?

Yes, we have provided a link at the top of this article to download winzo gold app on PC windows users. Also, if you need help with the app, you can leave us a comment below and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Is winzo safe to use?

Yes, winzo is completely safe for your device to use. It was made by highly trusted people in the community so it does not harm or damage your phone or tablet in anyway. You can uninstall it immediately after you are finished using this app. And you can also make sure to check it through virus Total software before download on your device to be safe.

How do I get unlimited coins and gems in my favorite games?

Download the winzo gold app onto your device, select a game to play and start playing!

Can I play this app on PC windows?

Yes, just download winzo gold for PC windows from the top of the article and follow the installation instructions provided in that article to use it on your device.

I cannot download winzo gold apk on my PC windows or phone, why?

If any problem occurs, make sure your internet connection is stable and clear. If it still doesn’t work, try restarting your device or follow the installation instructions provided in the download link of winzo gold app given at the top of this article.

How to download winzo gold apk for free?

First, you need to click on the button below and download winzo gold apk file.

Then do godlike job and immediately install it after that open folder where you installed it and run it as administrator.

After running as administrator go Back to system settings/ security settings etc…

And allow unknown sources from your mobile phone .

Your winzo gold apk download for free is now ready to use.

Winzo Gold Apk Download Latest Version

The latest version of winzo gold is being so much popular and it is a very good platform. It allows you to trade with a lot of people and it gives you a variety of coins to sell and buy from.

If you have been looking for this kind of information then just go through the below article which is going to give you complete details about winzo gold apk download latest version.

Winzo gold is actually a very famous game and if you are also looking for the play store version of the game then there is nothing to worry because it will be available on play store.

Recently, the developer has come up with an update regarding winzo gold apk which you can get from google. What this means is that, people do not need to visit any other website for winning gold.

All they have to do is just download the update version of winzo gold from Google play store or android market and it will give you all details about this game.

So if you want to get all details about winzo gold apk then I would like to suggest you go through the below article which is going to give you everything about this game.

How To Earn Money in Winzo Gold App?

It’s time to win the game! Win the game with wisdom, intelligence and skills. One of the best online gaming platform i.e. Winzo Gold has been launched recently as a New Year gift from the developers of this app for all those who are fond of playing thrilling games on their mobile screens.

In order to grab this exclusive app, you must follow some of the steps that are given below:

1) At first, click over the link and download it on your device. After downloading and installation process will be completed, move to next step.

2) Now open the application and create a new account with valid details i.e. name and email address.

3) After creating a new account, complete the all procedures such as ‘verifying your email’ and other things. You will get 100 cash free in your account which you can use to play games.

4) Now come back to the main page and select the game that you like. After selecting the game press on “START BATTLE”.

5) Now play that game till the end and after winning it, you will get free cash according to your performance.

6) Within next 90 days, withdraw your cash from this app by pressing on “FREE CASH”. You can use this free cash in buying new games or chips for playing other games.

7) If you are not happy with your current balance then go for verification process. The more the level of verification, the better chances you have to win big cash bonuses.

How To Earn Money through Verification Process?

Verification process is one of the most important thing in this app i.e. Winzo Gold which every member must go through. By verifying your account, you can be eligible to win better cash bonuses and increased security of account as well.

There are five levels in this verification process:

• Tier 1 – It is the initial level where you just need to verify your email address for faster
withdrawal of cash from Winzo Gold app.

• Tier 2 – This level is divided into two sub-levels i.e. Tier 2-A and Tier 2-B where you need to provide basic details of your account for further verification process.

• Tier 3 – In this level, submit the payment proof which you have made while playing games through PayPal, Skrill or Net banking etc. Moreover, you also need to submit the proof of your residence and ID proof.• Tier 4 – In this level, upload a selfie with your ID proof and pay slip.

• Tier 5 – This is the final level where all your account details such as email address, phone number, date of birth etc will be submitted for further verification. It is not possible for any member to skip one level to reach at the next level because every verification is important.

Winzo Gold has released this awesome app as a New Year gift for all those who are fond of playing thrilling games on their mobile screens. All they have to do is just download this amazing app and start playing different games without spending actual money

How to Play and Win on Winzo Gold App?

  1. Download Winzo Gold app from Google Play Store using the link in this post.
  2. Once downloaded, open it.
  3. Enter all your personal information like Email address, Password and Verify Password to create an account on Winzo gold app.
  4. You can enter with Facebook or Gmail login option but you must have a basic Winzo Gold app account.
  5. Now login to your newly created account and hit the play now button which you can see on right top corner of the screen.
  6. Now select any number from 1 to 55 as per your choice or say chance, don’t consider any sequence here as sequence is not allowed by this app.
  7. You can also select 9 free spins in this step which is optional though.
  8. Now click on shake your device to roll the dice button given at right bottom corner of your screen, you will hear a sound once done correctly.
  9. If you get any number from 1-55 or 9 free spins it will show up in a pop up.
  10. You can also share your win on social media from this screen, to do so click on the share button and select social media.
  11. The more you roll the dice harder it will be for you to get lucky number but don’t worry just shake your phone again and again until you get

Winzo Cricket Fantasy League

It is a cricket simulation/fantasy sport . It has features like live scoring, player rankings and many more. A user can create their own team of 11 members from the players available in the given time frame. The real-time player rankings updates as per the performance of each player during a match or a series. New matches will be scheduled everyday with accurate timing so that you can manage your fantasy teams according to it .

Winzo GOLD app Features:

1) Manage 2 teams simultaneously.

2) Auto calculation for points based on players’ performance.

3) Provides point calculations for batting, bowling and fielding separately.

4) Keeps track of all your squads over different seasons.

5) Allows to create unlimited squads and leagues.

6) Keeps track of various Tournaments like IPL, Champions Trophy etc.

7) Provides latest squad information for currently playing series.

8) Auto update for players’ ratings based on current performance .

9) Players statistics against each team and overall (Best and worst performances).

10) Team rankings (batting, bowling and fielding separately).

Winzo gold add money offers list:

  1. 003winz add money offer
  2. 4in add money offer
  3. add money from winzo app
  4. add points to winzo cricket fantasy league account from paytm wallet
  5. refer and earn free 1rs coin for winzo fantasy cricket league.

Winzo Gold Helpline Number | Contact No | Email-Phone

Winzo gold Helpline Number: If you are facing any problems while downloading or playing the winzo games, then you can have talk with the winzo officials by their helpline numbers. We have listed the accurate helpline numbers below so make sure to check these out.

If you are not aware of winzo gold apk, then let us inform you that it is a game which involves some real stories and it is really hard to find a way out in the game.

It is said that in this game, a person will have a gold mine and in this gold mine, there are a lot of things going on.

This means you have to solve all problems if you want to win the game. This kind of games are really made in a way to increase the concentration of people and it is also said that when you are playing winzo gold then you will find yourself into the game.

WinZo Gold Customer Care Support

Without customer care support no company can exists. Some company has good customer service than others. But they always try to solve their customers problem always. Let’s have a look what are the problems and queries winzo gold can full fill out.

  1. Claim process
  2. Redeem Prize
  3. Deposit money issue (UPI/ Internet Banking, Debit, Credit Card, Wallet)
  4. Withdrawal issue
  5. Wallet problem
  6. Referral bonus not credited
  7. WinZo Gold SuperStart Referal Bonus wring
  8. WinZo App Hangs/ Slow/ Closes
  9. Issue in e_KYC process, Bank Account verification

WinZo Customer Care 24×7 Helpline Number

To contact the official customer care of WinZo Gold Mobile Game App. Below are the ways to get help:-

Via Email Customer Care[email protected]
Via PhoneNot available (WhatsApp is also not available)
Via Twitter@WinzoGames
AddressA-20, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase 1 New Delhi 110028 Delhi India
Register ComplaintWinZo App Complaint

How do I get my money back from WinZO gold?

Once the winzo gold receives your Refund request, they will make sure to notify the status of your refund as soon as possible. If the refund request is approved, they will refund it to your credit card directly Wthin 7 business days

Winzo Gold Server Error – Solution/ Account Winzo Bazzi blocked

If you are facing the server issues, then please wait and reload the game. Or make sure to check out your internet connection. Server crashes when there is high pressure on their server end because of the heavy users are playing the game at a time. If you still face any issue, make sure to contact their helpline number as mentioned above.

WinZo Gold Mobile App Customer Care Support | WinZo Gold Games Helpline, Register Complaint | Issue, Problem in WinZo App (Closes/ Hang/ Very Slow) Game Cheating/ Hacking | WinZo Gold Customer Care Number 24×7 Helpline is available on Website/ Mobile App| Deposit Cash Bonus, Withdrawal, Claim, Verify E-KYC, Ads, Wallet not updated, Error in Deposit WinZo Gold 

Conclusion: Winzo gold apk is one of the best fantasy type gaming platforms now a days. Winzo users are loving this platform so much. You can play various types of games like cricket, carrom, football, tennis and so on inside this winzo gold app. We have provided with the download link of winzo gold apk, so make sure to download winzo latest apk from the link mentioned above. If you have enjoyed this article, please do not forget to share with your friends so that they can get the working download link and have fun with their closed ones also. THANKS.

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