Have you ever noticed a pop up message on your phone screen showing pname com facebook orca has stopped? Are you curious about the folder you show on your device name orca and katana? You might be facing this problem over and over! Do you want to solve it? Want a working solution right now? Yes!!!

Then you are on the right post:

process com fb messanger has stopped

Yes, this article is going to explain all the information about pname com facebook orca and katana and all the necessary information on it!

I promise you will get full explanation on all about the  orca and the katana folder. What does it mean exactly! And you can also get download link  of the latest facebook messenger apps from google play store!

So, read the whole post very attentively so that you never going to miss anything from this post!

Best solution on pname com facebook orca Problem

solution for pname com facebook orca error android

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Well, let me elaborate a little bit about what does it mean pname com facebook orca exactly?

Pname com facebook orca Explained: Basically it is a kind of package name for facebook messenger apps on your device. Simply, orca folder is for the facebook messenger app. Generally, this orca folder stores all of the files, Images, Audios, Videos, plugins and cache from the messenger app on your device.

Pname com Facebook Katana Folder Explained: And, you may show another folder on android name com.facebook.katana. Actually this folder is for Facebook app. As like as orca folder, this katana folder creates automatically as long as you install facebook app on your device. Those are just folder, you have nothing to dell will them:-D

Is that Facebook orca malware?

No, is not a virus or malicious type file. It is just a folder like others normal folder. It creates automatically when you install messenger apps on your device.  So, there is no problem. You should not worry about it at all.

Showing com.facebook.orca has stopped?

Yes, many of users are facing this problem. It really irritates the users by pop up messages on phone. Whenever you show this message just ignore it, but it is not the right solution. Because it will shows up again and again. So, you have to solve it permanently. So, how do you do that? Well, solutions are below-


Should I delete com.facebook.orca?

No you should not delete this folder. If you remove the orca folder and it will cause you the problem. It is not the actual solution to delete it. Because, though you delete the orca folder, it will again show up on your device. It will automatically re generate the folder and will remain same as it was before. So, it is not wise to delete the orca folder.

What is the uses of com.facebook.orca?

The most interesting thing about this orca folder is really very amazing!!! How? Yes, though it irritates you and you want to delete it, but the real thing is- this orca folder is really very helpful to recover your messages. How? Yes, you can retrieve your deleted messages or conversations from facebook Messenger app by this orca folder.

Actually, this is one of the main utilities of this folder and that’s why this orca folder occupies lots of space on your device. Main reason is, it stores all the messages and talks! So, make the proper use of this folder. It happens, whenever you have deleted messages and need to get back it again then you can make uses of this folder. I will show you how to recover your conversation from messenger at the end of post. Have a look below-

Finally How to Fix ? Solution for You

Yes, here comes the main talk.  You definitely need to fix this annoying problem.  You can try this way to solve this problem on your device. It works really!

Step 1:

At first- Go to the “settings” option you’re your phone.

Step 2:

Next, go to the “application” option.

Step 3:

Then, click on the option “All Apps” on your device.

Step 4:

Now, you have to find the “Facebook app” and make sure to clear the data rightly and you are done.

By this process it should work and solve the problem because when you clear the date from facebook application that actually reset the app and that’s why it should works.

But if it does not works for you then what should you do?

Yes, to solve this problem you can try this alternative way and see it will work.

So, all you have to do is, firstly Un-install the Facebook App from your device and restart the phone and now again download and install a fresh copy of facebook app from Google play store rightly!

I hope now all clear to you! By the way, ff you have not understood about how to recover your deleted messages by using orca folder, then do not worry, yes I am saying:-D Yes, I have solution for you:-D Just keep reading below-

How to Recover Deleted Messages from Facebook Messenger App?

There are lots of ways to recover deleted messages. But now in this post I will show you an easy method which you will definitely love! The recovering method is by the help of using com.facebook.orca folder.

So let’s move on the recovering process-

Step 1: For this you need a File Explorer app. basically; this file explorer will help you to explore the folders on your device. Go to play store and type- Es file Explorer File Manager. Download it as like as other apps you do!

Image 1- Install ES File explorer app play store

Step 2: After installing this app, now open the ES File Explorer and go to the storage/SD card. Now click on a folder name Android.


Step 3: Next, enter inside the android folder and now click on another folder name “Data”.

image 2 now find the folder name Android

Step 4:  Inside the data folder you will find “com.facebook.orca” folder and click on it. (Actually this folder creates for Facebook Messenger)

image 4 click on com facebook orca folder main

Step 5:  Next, inside the com.facebook.orca folder you will find another folder name “Cache“. Enter in the folder and again you have to click on “fb_temp“. Here you go. Mainly this “fb_temp” stores all the data from your facebook messenger and you can make it proper use to recover your deleted messages or files!

image 5 click on fb temp folder finally

Note: You can do all of the things very easily without any additional file explorer app. All you have to do is, just connect your phone in a computer by USB cable and find the com.facebook.orca folder and finally find the “fb_temp” and you are ready to recover your messages. Simple as that!

image 6 connect device to pc and explore

Video Tutorial: Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Here is a Youtube video tutorial showing you how to retrieve your deleted facebook messages from messenger successfully!

Well, i wish you have found the solution about pname com facebook orca very useful. If you have any problem regarding this, then do not hesitate to leave your comment below. I will definitely try my best to reply you back as soon as possible.

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